Advanced DEF Making Machine

Modular plant made with latest Japanese and European Technology, producing the genuine and high quality DEF as per ISO 22241

PowerBlue® offers a complete range of latest DEF making machines. PowerBlue® machines have the latest & proprietary technology from Europe and Japan, which produces the DEF at the lowest cost per litre in the Industry. Our product quality is monitored through the best Japanese quality sensor and equipment, producing the precise & highest quality AdBlue/Diesel exhaust fluid in the market.

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International Quality &
Imported Technology

Lowest Cost of

Meeting ISO 22241

Automatic & Electronic
Controlled Process

advance def making machine

We guarantee the highest quality of DEF Making Machine. Key characteristic of our plants:

adblue making machine
  • IMPORTED & INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY PowerBlue® machines have the latest & proprietary technology from Europe and Japan
  • ALMOST NON-STOP PRODUCTION Contrary to other systems in the market our batch time is almost 50% less compare to them, makes it almost non-stop with increased capacity.
  • LOWEST COST OF PRODUCTION Due to very low energy consumption, continuous production and automated process brings the DEF making production cost lowest in the industry.
  • ENERGY SAVING Blends 32.5% solution at low temperature, proprietary cold production process resulting in saving energy and very suitable for Indian environment all year around
  • HIGHEST QUALITY All blending parts made of stainless steel with Japanese Sensors & PLC technology. Online monitoring of the Products through advanced Japanese sensors, providing greatest quality of products
  • CONSISTENCY IN QUALITY Even changing the supplier of urea, quality of DEF produced will be remain the same, due to our automated dissolving functionality in our plants
  • AFTER SALES SERVICE We have dedicated team to provide the after sales services. We offer the cost effective AMC (Annual Maintenance Contracts).

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